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Dr. Casablanca
Dr. Domenic Casablanca

The Saybrook at Haddam is proud to offer our residents the opportunity to have on-site medical care provided by board-certified physicians, Dr. Domenic Casablanca and Dr. Daniel “Alex” Henriquez. Both are dedicated and passionate physicians who care for residents within the privacy of their own apartments.

Dr. Casablanca oversees the Physician Residency Program at Middlesex Hospital, specializing in geriatric health, and follows his patients who are hospitalized at Middlesex Hospital. Dr Casablanca visits The Saybrook at Haddam bi-monthly.

Dr. Henriquez specializes in family medicine and also oversees the Physicians Residency Program. Dr. Henriquez has a special interest in geriatric health and palliative medicine. Dr Henriquez visits The Saybrook at Haddam on a weekly basis.

By providing on-site physician services residents will benefit from an up-to-date level of care, a proactive approach to managing preventative care, and regular clinical evaluation. This process has proven to drastically reduce the number of medical emergencies and allow early discovery of potential health issues.

Dr. Daniel Henriquez
Dr. Daniel Henriquez

In addition to providing a higher level of care and support, this in-house service also aids in the following:

  • The process of diagnosis and responding to a medical condition or need.
  • Holistic, person centered, and effective medication management.
  • Elimination of unnecessary transportation to medical appointments.
  • A single point of contact greatly increases the efficiency of managing residents’ well-being.
  • Having a high-quality medical team only a phone call away.
  • Enhanced infection prevention resulting from fewer outside medical appointments.
  • Residents hospitalized at Middlesex Hospital have the opportunity to be followed by their physician, providing additional coverage and more personalized care
  • Better health outcomes

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