Pets and Seniors – What a Perfect Mix!

April 14, 2017

There are many things to smile about at The Saybrook at Haddam, but the biggest smiles always appear when a four-legged furry friend is around.  We have several pets who call The Saybrook at Haddam “home” and we have regular animal visitors who brighten our days on so many levels.  You may have taken a Tai Chi class with Shasta, the visiting German Shepard, or spent time with Higgins, the spotted terrier, when he stops by to say hello.  Or you may have seen several resident dog-owners such as Angelo walking his cocker spaniel, Abby, or Hans and Heidi with their hound mix, Annie, or Janet with her little black cutie, Callie.  You already may even have met Skippy, the golden retriever that belongs to Kay and Charlie, two new residents.  And over in the cat department, you perhaps have seen Phyllis’s cat, Francie, who was the star of a recent advertisement from The Saybrook at Haddam, or Harry’s cat, Missy, or Barbara’s biblical friends, Adam and Eve.  These adorable pets are an important part of our community and we love having them around. Continue reading “Pets and Seniors – What a Perfect Mix!”

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