Board Games – Never Boring!

July 16, 2018

When you tour The Saybrook at Haddam, you may notice we have an abundance of board games throughout the community, strategically located where two or more friends can gather at a moment’s notice.  Most games can be found nestled in our library, game room, country kitchen, and second-floor great room – with plenty of tables and chairs to accommodate players.  Additionally, we feature daily board games (or word or card games) organized by our activities team, which are always open to anyone and everyone – residents and visitors alike – to gather for friendship and fun.

Visitors to The Saybrook at Haddam look forward to playing games with elderly relatives and friends.  We love when young children grab a game from the library and bring it down the hall to grandma’s home, or when they bring grandpa down to the front parlor to play yet another game of checkers or chess.  Sometimes, residents may start a board game (such as Monopoly) and keep it set up in their homes for a few days before they can finish it!

In addition to being a popular way to spend time together, board games offer wonderful benefits for senior citizens. They improve brain health by encouraging different ways of thinking such as strategy, keeping track of things, and even math (to be sure the scorekeeper stays honest!). Games also help conjure good memories, as many were popular when residents were young themselves.

Some of the more favored games at The Saybrook at Haddam are Scrabble, Yahtzee, Connect Four, and Trivial Pursuit.  Each week we also work in a few games of Mexican Railroad and Rummicube (sometimes led by our high school volunteers).

Of course, we must mention Bingo, the perennial favorite among senior citizens.  Our community is no different and we love to host frequent games for guaranteed fun and enjoyment.  We also enjoy making weekly trips over to the nearby Haddam Senior Center to play a few rounds of Bingo with friends from town.  These trips offer a change of scenery, a break from the daily routine, and, yes, a chance to win prizes!

Residents also love games that have nothing to do with boards.  Many folks join us for daily word games, puzzles and other challenges.  And we often see friends pull out a deck of cards for a quick game with fellow residents or visiting family.  In fact, cards are one of the more popular activities when young children come to visit.

We haven’t met a senior citizen yet who did not enjoy games on some level or other.  Giving them the chance to play a wide selection of board games, cards or puzzles each day builds and strengthens friendships, sharpens brains, and contributes towards a wonderful quality of life.  Bring it on!


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