Fashionably Fabulous in Retirement Years

March 16, 2018

Recently, The Saybrook at Haddam welcomed Bea Smith’s “traveling fashion store” to our retirement and assisted living community.  They set up “shop” in our lobby so residents and guests could check out, try on, and purchase some of the best sportswear fashion lines on the market. They also showcased a wonderful selection of coats, handbags and other accessories that complete or update any outfit.  It was a fun afternoon for residents and gave them an opportunity for very convenient shopping – right in the middle of a week of snowstorms!

From Alfred Dunner collection, available at Bea Smith’s.

This great event also served as a reminder that senior citizens still enjoy looking and feeling their best – and that they can easily be affordably fashionable and even trendy with just a little strategizing.

Fashion experts recommend everyone – including seniors – take stock of their wardrobe at least once a year.  This means going through closets and honestly assessing what you have, discarding what is worn out or outdated, and donating what you no longer wear (but is still in good shape). Then, look to replenish your wardrobe with stylish and affordable options.

In general, everyone should focus on quality and not quantity, making sure clothing is well made and then making sure it is well cared for. A few standard (and possibly more expensive) pieces can be easily updated with new or seasonal accessories, sweaters or shoes.  Sometimes these can be found at Marshalls, Target or other lower-priced shops that won’t break the bank.

The Budget Fashionista blog recommends women over 60 consider keeping some denim, bold prints and bright colors in their closet. These items are designed in so many different ways now that women can easily find the right fit and style that is flattering and appropriately youthful.  Keep a few “go to” pantsuits on hand (think Katharine Hepburn) along with skirts that fall just below the knee.

For senior men, the Love to Know blog recommends having several crew neck and v-neck sweaters, white and blue button-down shirts, pull-over vests, cardigans, and polo shirts to wear alone or under a jacket or blazer.  Pants should include straight-leg denim jeans, chinos, trousers and corduroys, depending on occasion and season.  Of course, belts should match shoes and shoes should match the color of the trousers.

A few don’ts for seniors:  Men should avoid baggy or distressed clothing, graphic tee-shirts, and baseball caps; women should avoid leggings, oversized scarves, and belts to hold up their pants.

Fashion is achievable for anyone at any age – and is important in putting our best selves forward. Whether the seniors in your life still enjoy heading out to the mall for some shopping or prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, you can still encourage them to build and enjoy a fashionable wardrobe. We hope these tips help – and invite you to stop into The Saybrook at Haddam during any upcoming shopping events (check our Facebook page or our front office for details).


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