Peace of Mind All Year Long

June 5, 2019

At The Saybrook at Haddam, our greatest benefit to families is offering a wonderful peace of mind.  Adult children know their elderly parents are enjoying socialization, nutritious meals, exercise and enrichment every single day. They also know their loved ones are receiving individualized care and, if needed, assistance with daily living or memory-care services. Additionally, they know an experienced support team is on-hand throughout the day, available to help whenever necessary.

Many senior citizens hope to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, but as they age, certain risks to their health and well-being increase.  There is always the worry of isolation and loneliness, but families also worry that seniors could fall or injure themselves and not be able to call for help.  They worry seniors may not be eating right or may be forgetting to take medicine. They worry, too, about the increased costs and burdens related to keeping a home in good order. This is especially troublesome for children who may live far from their aging parents.

That is often when families turn to The Saybrook at Haddam’s independent living, assisted living, and memory care community.  Our vibrant social calendar, delicious chef-prepared meals, and 24-hour staffing takes away so many worries and replaces them with smiles and assurance.

We also offer peace of mind regarding potential emergencies – health-related, weather-related, or other type of worrisome situation – by having an experienced team that is prepared to take action. Additionally, our community is equipped with power generators that provide heating (or cooling), lighting, and electricity for essential equipment (including kitchen use). This is a comfort because we often hear or read news stories about elderly people caught unprepared and vulnerable in an emergency.

Recently, we came across a list of safety recommendations from FEMA, prepared specifically for senior citizens.  These are all part of our own preparedness checklist – and we thought we would share some highlights here:

  • Be sure seniors have access to one gallon of water (or electrolyte beverages) per day
  • Be sure to have access to non-perishable foods, vitamin supplements, and prescription medicines (along with copies of prescriptions)
  • Keep blankets, extra clothing and comfortable shoes, spare eyeglasses, catheters, batteries, oxygen systems, etc. nearby
  • Know where the first-aid kit, medical insurance and Medicaid/Medicare cards are located
  • Have an emergency-contact list prepared to communicate with family and friends
  • Keep a battery-powered radio and/or a NOAA weather radio along with a solar or battery-operated flashlight on hand

While we hope real emergencies are few and far between, it is reassuring to know our team is on hand to assist residents at The Saybrook at Haddam when needed. More importantly, our team is ready to work hard every day ensuring the senior citizens in our lives enjoy a fun, fulfilling, and carefree lifestyle.  That is the best peace of mind for everyone – all year long!

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