School Days for Seniors!

August 31, 2018

Retirement is the perfect time to … go back to school? At The Saybrook at Haddam, we certainly think so, although learning at this stage of life is far different – and requires no testing!  We regularly ask residents which topics they would like to learn more about, what type of educational programs they would like to attend, which programs in the community interest them, and so on.  We use this information to build fantastic weekly activities, invite experts to our community, and plan educational excursions at the many nearby resources.  Since they helped plan them, residents eagerly participate in these events and provide feedback for future programs.  This interaction contributes significantly to the high quality of life we enjoy in our assisted living and independent living community.

Griwold AprilThese past few weeks were extremely busy with educational-oriented events. We attended several programs at local libraries: one lecture on how our beloved Connecticut River Valley region was formed geologically, and another that took a close look at the life of a “good” colonial wife.  We also continued popular on-site programs featuring visiting professors and other local experts, Great Courses video programs, book discussions, Bible studies, and art classes.  We host these learning events in our movie room, Country Kitchen, library, front parlor or second-floor great room– helping ensure residents use and enjoy all the many wonderful areas of our community!

U.S. News and World Report says senior citizens can only benefit from more education as “lifelong learning is a noble pursuit that will keep you engaged and challenged.”  They note four upsides:

  • Seniors can pursue educational programs based entirely on their personal areas of interest. They do not need to follow a degree path and classes can be as varied and unconnected as they would like.
  • Learning helps fill potentially empty hours with interesting and engaging challenges.
  • Seniors stay “sharp” through study and learning. While this is great for personal satisfaction, it also gives them thought-provoking conversational starters at social events.
  • Seniors are more socially engaged when they participate in classes and learning – and often make new friends who share similar interests.

Safe Harbor Farm trip 2The Saybrook at Haddam knows that overall wellness and quality of life absolutely includes a strong element of learning and engagement. We are always encouraged by the diverse suggestions for educational activities residents (and families) send our way because it shows their high level of curiosity and wonder at the world around us.  Our activities team takes these suggestions to heart and relies on this input to build meaningful experiences each week.

Families and friends are always welcome to join us at any of these events. Please check our weekly and monthly activity calendars and see what best fits your schedule.  You may be surprised at the things you will learn!

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