Can Independent Living Really Take Place in a Retirement Community?

January 31, 2018

Most senior citizens enjoy living independently – and nearly 90 percent prefer to live in their own homes for as long as they possibly can, according to a study by AARP. It makes sense since home is familiar and filled with memories, is where seniors are in charge, and is near friends and family.  However, as time goes by, living alone carries downsides that become harder to ignore: maintaining the home becomes difficult if not impossible, a greater sense of isolation or loneliness can occur (especially after a spouse dies), nutrition may begin to suffer, and the home itself may become unsafe where falls, burns or other injuries may take place. In recognition of all of this, The Saybrook at Haddam has developed a community that puts independence at the center of everything we do – providing an active, involved and, yet, private and respectful environment for retired seniors, those needing assisted living services and those facing memory-related illnesses.

Our community setting means residents can simply open their doors to find plenty of activity – and many happy faces.  Through the community, residents easily create new friendships and take part in many different types of social, cultural and educational events and activities. Studies have shown daily interaction, as well as having relationships and joyful conversations, is crucial for seniors and can provide heart-health benefits such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels, increased physical activity, and the ability to avoid bad habits of bored people such as smoking or over eating. Studies also show that important social networks among older adults can result in better executive function and episodic memory, slower cognitive decline, and even less wear and tear on the body.

At the same time, residents at The Saybrook at Haddam enjoy a sense of privacy and independence when they are in their own apartment. Here, they can visit with friends and family, enjoy quiet time reading or working on hobbies, chat on the phone, or write letters and emails.  This is their home, furnished with their belongings, where they can live and socialize as they did in their own homes.

Some residents keep their car at The Saybrook at Haddam so they can remain independent by being able to drive where they want when they want. Others greatly appreciate making use of our van, which regularly travels to shops, medical appointments, churches, local restaurants and other interesting places.

Striking a balance between preserving a sense of independence while providing an increasing level of care is an ongoing pursuit at The Saybrook at Haddam – but it is clearly one of the best reasons we have been so successful over the years.  We love when family and friends join us for meals, special events, movies, or for personal visits with residents.  And family and friends tell us they love the peace of mind knowing their parents are no longer isolated, receiving wonderful care, eating better, staying active, and making friends.  It’s how senior living should be!

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