Beauty Parlor Beauties! 

June 9, 2016

Looking our best is a goal most of us try to maintain throughout every stage of our lives.  Going to the hair salon gives our morale a happy lift – and makes us look and feel better.  However,  as we age, the simple task of getting out to the beauty parlor or barber shop can become more difficult.  Some people need to rely on friends or family members to drive them to an appointment, others try to find a trusted hairdresser to come to their homes.  hair salon combTo help make this much-anticipated activity easier, some retirement or assisted living communities (including The Saybrook at Haddam) offer on-site hair salons where residents can stop by and enjoy some good old-fashioned pampering.  This is a very important and fun part of life for seniors, helping them look their best, providing a social outlet, and allowing them to continue their independence.

“When seniors look in the mirror after having their hair done, they smile,” said Maria, hair professional at The Saybrook at Haddam’s on-site beauty salon.  “They feel great, their spirits are high.  It’s clear to see that coming here is good for the soul.”

Many residents at The Saybrook at Haddam come to their appointments early to chat with friends, glance through magazines, or just relax for a few minutes in a different surrounding.  They love watching others have their newly cut and curled hair carefully brushed out and styled.  No one seems to mind having an audience or hearing compliments when their appointment is finished. It’s all part of the “pampering process.”

Additionally, since hairdressers are known for being great listeners, it is no surprise that seniors love to talk and talk while they are having their hair done.  Maria learns all about the interesting backgrounds of the men and women who come to her salon.  They tell her about their families, their former careers, their experiences growing up, their pets, vacations they have taken, former hobbies, and much more.  Maria loves hearing all their stories while she rolls hair or clips sideburns.  It’s the best part of her job!

hair salon hoodOne favorite place in The Saybrook at Haddam’s salon is sitting under the hood-style hair dryer.  The warmth and soft whirl lulls most residents into a happy little nap.  Maria often wakes her customers with a soft tap on the hood, trying not to startle them too much.

Since mature hair has its own set of needs, Maria keeps the salon stocked with products specifically for seniors.  Residents know how different their hair is now from when they were younger, but most people don’t know how to make mature hair look great.

Maria comes to The Saybrook at Haddam three or four days each week (check the salon near the dining room for her current schedule).  Drop in when you come to visit the retirement community – and say hello to the beauty parlor beauties!

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